Low Fare Guarantees

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Low fare guarantees

This page is meant to serve as a quick reference guide for sites that claim to guarantee the lowest airfares, and what benefits the guarantee provides if that site's fare is not the lowest. Tools like Mobissimo and Kayak can be useful for leveraging fare differences, as well as FareCompare for fast notification of new fare postings.

Site Difference refund Additional bonus Fare differential to qualify Other notes
AA Yes, to credit card $50 discount code $5 Discount code requires instant purchase to redeem
UA Yes, as part of E-cert $50 E-cert (+ fare diff) $5 E-cert not applicable to all fares and may be difficult to use
NW Yes, to credit card $100 ECV $10 ECV nontransferable but easy to use. Note that if NW rejects your Best Fare Guarantee request, you can usually call and cancel the ticket with no penalty under NW's 24-hour Customers First rule.
CO Yes, to credit card $100 ETC $10 CO.com seems VERY fast about picking up fare changes, so although it's a generous offer, you'll probably never get to use it.
DL No No n/a Only remedy under the "guarantee" appears to be to refund original ticket before midnight of next day
US No No n/a No explicit LFG; however, "Guaranteed Air Fare" rule might result in voucher for difference if low fare becomes available to US Reservations
F9 No 2500 miles $5 OW/$10 RT
Orbitz No $50 Orbitz coupon toward flight $5
Travelocity Yes $50 Travelocity coupon toward hotel or hotel+flight pkg $5
Expedia Yes $50 Expedia coupon toward hotel or hotel+flight pkg $6

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