Emerald Club Elite Levels

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Note: Members qualify for elite status based on a simple formula of rentals or rental days.

Elite Levels

Emerald Club Emerald Club
Emerald Club
Executive Elite
Qualifying Rentals N/A 12 25
Qualifying Days N/A 40 85
Access Emerald Aisle Emerald Aisle and Executive Aisle
Credits per Free Day 7 6 5

Emerald Club

The basic Emerald Club membership is open to all who pay an annual fee of $50 or qualify through a partner program.


  • Emerald Club Aisle access - reserve and pay for a mid-size car and choose any car available in the Emerald Club Aisle (aka "Emerald Aisle"). This often includes some slightly upscale models, SUVs, and vans.
  • E-receipt - no need to wait for an agent when returning a rental.
  • Choice of rewards:
    • One free rental day per seven rental credits (either one rental or four consecutive rental days)
    • Airline miles with many major programs

Emerald Club Executive

Emerald Club members with at least 12 rentals or 40 rental days in a calendar year will be awarded Executive status.

Additional benefits:

  • Emerald Club Executive access - a special aisle of larger or premium cars to choose from. Technically, an Executive member must reserve and pay for one class lower than the car selected (mid-size for full-size rental, full-size for premium), but this is not always enforced, with many Executive members driving luxury cars at mid-size rates.
  • Free rental day after six rental credits

Emerald Club Executive Elite

Emerald Club members with at least 25 rentals or 85 rental days in a calendar year will be awarded Executive Elite status.

Additional benefits:

  • Free rental day after five rental credits
  • Free days can include any vehicle size or class
  • Guaranteed availability with 24 hours notice
  • Will deliver a car up to 50 miles to "most" private airports, with at least 12hrs notice.

Status Matches

National is not known to give status matches for customers of many other agencies, but they will sometimes waive the $50 annual fee on request. National Corporate Benefits (877-707-1086) has been known to status match for some corporate clients.

However, there is a status match page here: https://statusmatch.emeraldclub.com/ for Hertz and Avis.