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Rewards Network (iDine)

Welcome to the new Rewards Network (iDine) wiki!


1) Please create new pages by editing this page and creating a new link to your desired page title:
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3) Be sure that the page ends with (you can copy and paste):
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4) Note that regular users cannot delete pages and even renaming pages (e.g. for capitalization)
   is a pain, so be sure you have the page name right the first time!

Temporary Links to New Pages to Be Created

Program Overview (RN)

Participating Programs (RN)

The following articles could be placed into a Restaurants Subcategory - PM dstan on FT for coding instructions before starting!:

Los Angeles - LAX (RN)

New York - LGA (RN)

San Francisco - SFO (RN)

This category currently contains no pages or media.