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United's Active Fleet

This is a list of all United mainline aircraft tail numbers and their associated paint status. In addition, information regarding business class conversions is listed. For more information on business class conversions, visit Interior Conversions (UA). For more information on the legacy Continental Fleet, visit Continental Fleet (UA).


new UA paint new UA/CO paint Special paint

Aircraft with interior updates (IPTE for international widebodies, leather in F for narrowbodies and domestic widebodies) are shown in bold. All battleship grey planes have been repainted.

Paint Progress Summary

     Total repainted:      320 of 324 (98.8%)
     Airbus A319:      55 of 55 (100%)
     Airbus A320 (mainline):      41 of 41 (100%)
     Airbus A320 (ex-Ted):      56 of 56 (100%)
     Boeing B747-400:      20 of 23 (87.0%)
     Boeing B757-200 (2 class):      36 of 36 (100%)
     Boeing B757-200 (2 class p.s.):      15 of 15 (100%)
     Boeing B767-300ER (2 class):      14 of 14 (100%)
     Boeing B767-300ER (3 class):      20 of 21 (95.2%)
     Boeing B777-200 XA (2 class):      9 of 9 (100%)
     Boeing B777-200 XD:      10 of 10 (100%)
     Boeing B777-200ER XJ:      10 of 10 (100%)
     Boeing B777-200ER XQ:      23 of 23 (100%)
     Boeing B787-8:      11 of 11 (100%)
     Boeing B787-9:

Airbus A319

N801UA N802UA N803UA N804UA N805UA N806UA N807UA N808UA N809UA N810UA
N811UA N812UA N813UA N814UA N815UA N816UA N817UA N818UA N819UA N820UA
N821UA N822UA N823UA N824UA N825UA N826UA N827UA N828UA N829UA N830UA
N831UA N832UA N833UA N834UA N835UA N836UA N837UA N838UA N839UA N840UA
N841UA N842UA N843UA N844UA N845UA N846UA N847UA N848UA N849UA N850UA
N851UA N852UA N853UA N854UA N855UA  

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
40XX AJ 19J 8F/112Y WiFi


  • All aircraft have WiFi.

Airbus A320 (mainline)

N403UA N404UA N405UA N409UA N410UA N411UA N412UA N413UA N415UA N416UA
N417UA N418UA N419UA N420UA N421UA N422UA N423UA N424UA N425UA N426UA
N427UA N428UA N429UA N430UA N431UA N432UA N433UA N434UA N435UA N436UA
N437UA N443UA N454UA N455UA N456UA N461UA N462UA N463UA N464UA N466UA

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
46XX AB 20B 12F/126Y WiFi
47XX AU 20U 12F/126Y Over-Water, WiFi


  • These aircraft have closets.
  • All aircraft have WiFi.

Airbus A320 (ex-Ted)

N401UA N402UA N406UA N407UA N408UA N414UA N438UA N439UA N440UA N441UA
N442UA N444UA N445UA N446UA N447UA N448UA N449UA N451UA N452UA N453UA
N457UA N458UA N459UA N460UA N465UA N467UA N469UA N470UA N471UA N472UA
N473UA N474UA N475UA N476UA N477UA N478UA N479UA N480UA N481UA N482UA
N483UA N484UA N485UA N486UA N487UA N488UA N489UA N490UA N491UA N492UA
N493UA N494UA N495UA N496UA N497UA N498UA  

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
42XX AD 20D 12F/132Y WiFi
41XX AV 20V 12F/132Y Over-Water, WiFi


  • These aircraft have normal cabin configurations, but lack closets.
  • N475UA is in 85th anniversary livery.
  • These might show up on the web site as aircraft type 32S even though they now have normal cabin configurations.
  • All aircraft have WiFi.

Boeing B747-400

N104UA N105UA N107UA N116UA N117UA N118UA N119UA N120UA N121UA N122UA
N127UA N128UA N171UA N174UA N175UA N177UA N178UA N179UA N180UA N181UA
N182UA N197UA N199UA  

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
84XX OC 47C 12F/52C/310Y IPTE, WiFi


  • Boeing 747-400s have Nose Numbers of 84XX.
  • N105UA is a B747-451. All the rest are B747-422s.
  • N121UA is painted in the old Star Alliance livery (blue nacelles and sUA logo).
  • All aircraft have WiFi.
  • N194UA is utilized by United Airlines as a charter aircraft. Therefore it doesn't fly revenue routes open to the public and is not an official part of the fleet.
  • Forecasted paint schedule per a post on a.net:
  • N174UA - July 2014.
  • N121UA - Nov 2014.
  • N178UA - Nov 2014.

Boeing B757-200 (2 class)

N509UA N513UA N514UA N516UA N522UA N526UA N528UA N529UA N535UA N536UA
N537UA N543UA N544UA N545UA N547UA N548UA N549UA N550UA N551UA N552UA
N553UA N556UA N558UA N559UA N561UA N562UA N563UA N564UA N565UA N566UA
N569UA N576UA N577UA N580UA N585UA N594UA  

757s with winglets are in italics.

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
54XX MQ 57Q 24F/158Y
56XX MU 57U 24F/158Y Over-Water
55XX MX 57X 24F/158Y ETOPS
59XX MX 57X 24F/158Y ETOPS, Winglets


  • Boeing 757-200s have Nose Numbers of 54XX, 55XX, 56XX, and 57XX.
  • All planes have EmPower and leather seats in F, but not in E+/E-.
  • Aircraft scheduled to leave the fleet are underlined. Specific aircraft are mentioned in the following a.net thread, post #93: http://www.airliners.net/aviation-forums/general_aviation/read.main/5841802/#93.
  • 15 2013 fleet exits: N503UA, N506UA, N507UA, N519UA, N527UA, N533UA, N541UA, N570UA, N571UA, N572UA, N581UA, N584UA, N586UA, N592UA, N593UA.
  • 18 2014 fleet exits: N504UA, N511UA, N515UA, N520UA, N521UA, N523UA, N524UA, N530UA, N534UA, N538UA, N539UA, N540UA, N567UA, N573UA, N574UA, N575UA, N578UA, N579UA.

Boeing B757-200 (2 class p.s.)

N502UA N505UA N510UA N512UA N518UA N546UA N568UA N587UA N588UA N589UA
N590UA N595UA N596UA N597UA N598UA  

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
5xxx MP? 57? 28J/48Y+/66Y AVOD, WiFi


  • The p.s. subfleet of 757s will be converted to a 2-cabin CO-style BF configuration with flat-bed seats in front, both Economy Plus and standard Economy seats in back, Audio Video On-Demand (AVOD), power outlets at every row, and WiFi. Source: http://ir.unitedcontinentalholdings.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=83680&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1598567.
  • All aircraft have winglets (in italics).
  • 8 2013 fleet exits (all former 3-class p.s., 12F/26C/72Y, aircraft): N508UA, N517UA, N525UA, N532UA, N554UA, N555UA, N557UA, N560UA.

Boeing B767-300ER (2 class)

N664UA N665UA N666UA N667UA N668UA N669UA N670UA N671UA N672UA N673UA
N674UA N675UA N676UA N677UA  

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
66XX ME 67E 30F/184Y ETOPS, IPTE


  • UA announced that the 2-cabin (UA domestic F, UA domestic Y) 763-322ER aircraft (66xx) will be upgraded starting to full ETOPS, including the addition of winglets. This upgrade enables their deployment on long-haul over-water flight segments. As part of the change, they will receive entirely new cabins with CO's BusinessFirst horizontal flat-bed in front, Economy Plus and standard Economy in back, and Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) with iPod connectivity. UA's Channel 9 ATC feature will remain.
  • All aircraft are now upgraded and are labeled as 67E.

Boeing B767-300ER (3 class)

N641UA N642UA N643UA N644UA N646UA N647UA N648UA N649UA N651UA N652UA
N653UA N654UA N655UA N656UA N657UA N658UA N659UA N660UA N661UA N662UA

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
64XX MI 67I 6F/26C/151Y ETOPS, IPTE


  • N653UA is painted in the new Star Alliance livery (grey nacelles and new Globe logo).
  • Per posts on a.net, N655UA will be repainted Nov 2014.
  • Aircraft scheduled to leave the fleet are underlined. Source is The United Airlines Fleet Website.

Boeing B777-200 XA (25xx)(2 class)

N210UA N211UA N212UA N213UA N214UA N215UAw N768UA N772UA N779UA

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
25XX XA? 77A 32F/312Y ETOPS, some wireless IFE


  • These are A-Model (non-ER) 777's based out of SFO and ORD, operating Hawaii and domestic hub-to-hub flights during heavy travel periods.
  • All aircraft have the upgraded cabin.
  • Aircraft with 'w' have WiFi.

Boeing B777-200 XD (24xx)

N769UA N771UA N773UAw N774UAw N775UA N776UA N777UA N778UA N780UA N781UA

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
24XX XD 77D 8F/40C/220Y ETOPS, IPTE


  • 777 XC become 777 XD post-conversion.
  • These are A-Model (non-ER) 777's.
  • Based out of ORD and IAD, operating European, domestic hub-to-hub, and South American routes.
  • UA's Aircraft Number (e.g. 2481) and the corresponding Aircraft Registration (e.g. N781UA) map predictably, which can be useful since UA's smart phone application provides only the Aircraft Number.
  • Aircraft with 'w' have WiFi (2 have WiFi).

Boeing B777-200ER XJ (27xx)

N204UA N206UA N786UA N791UA N792UA N793UA N795UA N796UA N798UA N799UA

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
27XX XJ 77J 8F/40C/221Y ETOPS, IPTE


  • 777 XI become 777 XJ post-conversion.
  • These aircraft do not have the lower lobe crew rest facilities.
  • Based out HNL, SEA, SFO, LAX, ORD, and IAD, used for shorter Asian and longer European flights.

Boeing B777-200ER XQ (20xx and 28xx)

N209UA N216UA N217UA N218UA N219UA N220UA N221UA N222UA N223UA N224UA
N225UA N226UA N227UA N228UA N229UA N782UA N783UA N784UA N785UA N787UA
N788UA N794UA N797UA  

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
20XX XQ 77Q 8F/40C/220Y ETOPS, IPTE, Crew Module, Pilot Bunks
28XX XQ 77Q 8F/40C/220Y ETOPS, IPTE, Crew Module


  • Former 777 XP aircraft were converted to 777 XQ aircraft. In addition, eight planes, numbered N7xxUA, were converted from 777 XI to 777 XQ by adding a lower lobe crew rest module.
  • Based out of SFO, LAX, ORD, and IAD, these are typically used on United's longest (5000mi+) non-747 routes.
  • N218UA and N794UA are painted in the new Star Alliance livery (grey nacelles and new Globe logo).
  • N218UA, N219UA, N220UA, N221UA, N225UA, and N229UA carry 20XX nose numbers.

Boeing B787-8

N27901 N26902 N27903 N20904 N45905 N26906 N29907 N27908 N26909 N26910

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
39XX ? 788? 36C/70E+/113Y ETOPS, IPTE


Boeing B787-9

Nose Number Fleet ID Type Seats Configuration
39XX ? 789? 48C/88E+/116Y ETOPS, IPTE, WiFi


  • The expected delivery date for the first aircraft, N38950, is 8/28/2014.