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Earning Non-Air AA Mileage

In addition to flying, there are a variety of ways to earn redeemable AAdvantage miles through non-air partner programs. Note that these miles are not elite-qualifying miles (EQM) - They do NOT count toward annual elite status qualification! Also, they do NOT count towards the Million Miler Balance for lifetime status. Earning these miles extends the expiration date of all of the miles in your account for another 18 months!

General Information

Here are some key webpages with information on AA partner programs:

Note that the 500 mile bonus for booking tickets online at was discontinued as of March 31, 2008.

Here are some additional websites that may have useful information:

Common Methods of Earning Miles

Some of the more common methods of earning AAdvantage miles on a recurring basis are discussed in greater detail below. There are a wide range of other opportunities listed on the pages above, so be sure to check them carefully!

Credit and Debit Cards

Using Credit and Debit Cards is one of the most common ways to earn AA miles.

Citibank offers several credit cards that earn 1 AA mi/$ with a signup bonus. The lowest bonus is 20,000 miles, often with a minimum spend requirement; special bonus cards appear frequently (30, 40, 50, 75, and 100,000 miles all in 2010). In addition, the CitiBusiness AAdvantage card earns 2 AA mi/$ for American Airlines purchases (tickets, upgrades, Admirals Club membership, etc.). [This has been discontinued as of sometime in 2009, per a Citibusiness customer service representative on May 3, 2010.] Note that these cards carry an annual fee after the first year.

Another very attractive option (not listed at is to use the AMEX Starwood card. You can use it to convert 20,000 SPG points into 25,000 AA miles. You get 10,000 SPG points just for signing up.


Another popular method of earning non-air miles is through the AAdvantage Dining Program. Membership is free and members earn miles by registering their credit cards online then eating at participating restaurants and bars. There are none in Europe. Miles are earned for earned on the full transaction amount, inclusive of tax and tip. Base members earn 1 mi/$, online members (email subscribers) earn 3 mi/$, and VIP members (12 dines/calendar year) earn 5 mi/$. The program also features frequent bonus offers to earn increased miles.

Members can also earn miles for booking hotel stays through Rewards Network. However, these reservations may not qualify for rewards in the corresponding hotel loyalty program, so be sure to double check prices and earning rules!

See the FlyerTalk iDine/Rewards Network Forum for more information and current bonus offers.


Of AA's many retail partners, the AAdvantage eShopping Program is one of the most popular. AAdvantage members resident in the United States or its territories can earn miles at a wide range of online retailers by entering the site of interest through the AAdvantage eShopping Portal. Note that you must link to the retailer through the portal in order to earn miles! Purchasing a $1 song from iTunes earns 2 AA miles and is a cheap way of extending the expiration date of your miles.

The eShopping Program often offers double AA miles at selected merchants during the holiday shopping season (November-December). Check the Bonus Offers section of the website for current details.

Build/Remodel A Home

A Builder in Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas allows customers to earn miles by building/remodeling a home or having their roof replaced. Depending on the size of the project you can earn up to 500,000 miles. With all the roofs in North Texas being replaced by hail storms, it is not hard to earn big miles in a short period of time. To gain more information on the Miles For Dreams Program visit their website [1]

Hotels and Rental Cars

AA partners with a variety of hotels and rental car companies so that members can earn AAdvantage miles for hotel stays and car rentals. However, some FTers find that earning benefits in the corresponding hotel or rental car loyalty programs may be more valuable than earning AA miles. Be sure to compare the options and consider how frequently you stay at a given hotel chain or need to rent a car.

Online Surveys and Reviews

  • Opinion Place - Earn AA miles for completing surveys, US residents only.
  • IgoUgo - Earn AA miles by writing reviews

Note that AA discontinued its partnership with e-Rewards as of June 11, 2008.

How Fast Do Partner Miles Post?

One frequent concern of members whose miles are about to hit the 18-month expiration date is: "How fast will these miles post?" Credit and debit card miles post on a monthly basis near your statement date. Rewards Network miles post on a weekly basis. eShopping miles may take several weeks to post, depending on the partner. Hotel and Rental Car miles may also take several weeks to post.

Importantly, at least one FTer has reported that the activity date, rather than the post date, is what counts toward avoiding mileage expiration. However, this requires reconfirmation and so readers are cautioned not to depend on this and to plan ahead to keep their miles from expiring.

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