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Flying Delta

Delta Sky Clubs

Delta has re-branded its "Crown Room" clubs, along with the former Northwest "World Clubs", as "Delta Sky Clubs". There are over 50 "Sky Club" locations around the globe, with many hub cities having several. Passengers who are traveling internationally, or have a "SkyClub" membership also have access to many "partner lounges" including KLM Crown Lounges and Air France "Salon" lounges


Online Check In

Online Check-in allows you to bypass lines at the airport by printing your boarding passes online. As long as your travel doesn't require a visa, you can use this service if you have an e>ticket for any flight on Delta, Delta Connection®, Delta Shuttle®, and when connecting on Delta's Through Check-in partners.

Log on to from 24 hours to 30 minutes before a flight within the U.S. or 60 minutes prior to an international flight, go to Online Check-in, and follow the simple instructions.

To access your itinerary, you will need one of the following:

   * a SkyMiles number and PIN
   * a confirmation number
   * the e>ticket number on your ticket
   * any credit card with the name matching the ticket 

If there are multiple passengers in your party, you may check in and print boarding passes for each person.

What if I have baggage to check? If you have baggage to check, check in online. You can check and pay for excess baggage all at the same time. Once at the airport, drop your bags at any curbside check-in or baggage drop location. Baggage check-in time requirements vary by airport. Please review Check-in Requirements for complete information

Kiosk Check-In

At most airports, you will be directed to check-in at one of Delta's check-in kiosks. These kiosks can be used to check in for any domestic or international flight.

To start using the kiosk, press the "Start" button. You will then be prompted to enter information to retrieve your itinerary. Usually, the most fail-safe way to locate your itinerary on the first try is to insert your SkyMiles membership card or to scan the barcode on your printed Delta boarding pass or itinerary. You may also insert any major credit card that has your name encoded on it; however, this won't always work, in which case you'll be asked to provide additional information to locate your itinerary. Alternatively, you may search for your itinerary by entering your SkyMiles number, Delta confirmation number (also called the "record locator"), or Delta ticket number.

If you are traveling internationally, each passenger will need to swipe his/her passport when prompted. The kiosk will provide instructions on how to swipe each passport.

Once your itinerary has been located, you can use the kiosk to change seats, check bags, switch flights, request upgrades, reprint your boarding passes, and request special services such as a wheelchair. If any of these options requires an additional fee, you can insert your credit card to pay for the fee at the kiosk.

At airports where the kiosks are located at the check-in counter itself, a Delta agent will accept checked bags immediately after checking in at the kiosk. The agent will call either your name or destination city, and will check your identification before tagging the bags. At airport where the kiosks are located in an area separate from the check-in counter, passengers may directed to the "Baggage Drop" line to drop off their checked luggage (see "Baggage Drop", below).

Sky Priority Check-In

Delta has a special Sky Priority check-in line at most airports that may be used by passengers traveling in premium class (Domestic First or International BusinessElite), SkyMiles Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Medallion members, SkyTeam Elite Plus customers, or Alaska Airlines MVP Gold passengers. Although not technically "Sky Priority", many of these lines may also be used by SkyMiles Silver Medallion members, Alaska Airlines MVP, and SkyTeam Elite customers. The Sky Priority line typically gives these passengers access to dedicated kiosks and/or dedicated Sky Priority check-in agents, allowing them to move through the check-in process much faster than other customers.

Baggage Drop

If you have already checked in your baggage online, paid any applicable fees, and printed your boarding pass(es), you can proceed directly to the "Baggage Drop" area available at most airports. When you reach the counter, a Delta agent will scan your boarding pass to access your reservation. He/she will then check your identification and put the appropriate tags on your bags. At some airports, passengers using the Check-In Kiosks may then be directed to the "Baggage Drop" line, where they will be subject to the same process as those passengers who checked in online.

In-Flight Experience

Domestic Coach

Delta offers standard coach seating on all of its domestic flights. On most aircraft, Delta offers blue leather seats with an average seat pitch of 31 inches and an average seat width of about 17 inches. Seat pitch and width are comparable to most other U.S. airlines' economy class. Delta does offer a premium economy class branded "Economy Comfort".

Seats can be selected on or using an airport check-in kiosk. Certain seats (typically, exit row, bulkhead, and other desirable seats) are reserved for SkyMiles Medallion members. These seats are shown as "Preferred Seats" on Delta's website, and may only be selected by SkyMiles Medallion members until 24 hours before the flight, when these seats become available to all passengers. There is no additional charge for selecting an exit row, window, or aisle seat.

Delta offers a beverage service on most domestic flights. Passengers are offered a free non-alcoholic beverage and a snack, which includes a small bag of peanuts, pretzels, or Biscoff cookies. Alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and cocktails, are available for a fee. On longer flights, passengers may purchase food from Delta's "EATS menu", which features both snacks and larger meals. All of Delta's mainline flights are now "cashless", meaning customers must pay for on-board purchases with a credit or debit card.

Delta's in-flight entertainment options vary based on aircraft type. Some aircraft provide each passenger with a personal, touchscreen TV that allows the passenger to choose from a variety of music, movies, and TV shows, in addition to live satellite TV. This product is called "Delta On-Demand", and is available on most 737 aircraft, select 757's, and 767's. The On-Demand system is free to use, provided you have your own headphones (flight attendants sell headphones onboard for $2). However, certain programming (including movies and HBO programs) is pay-per-view.

Other 757's and MD-90's have video monitors mounted over the aisle every few rows. On these aircraft, movies are shown on flights longer than four hours; various TV shows are aired on shorter flights. The service is free, provided you have your own headphones; flight attendants will sell passengers headphones for $2. These aircraft also offer passengers several channels of music. Delta is planning to replace the existing entertainment equipment on these aircraft with Delta On-Demand.

All other Delta domestic aircraft do not currently offer any in-flight entertainment. However, Delta has announced plans to add Delta On-Demand to its entire mainline fleet, excluding DC-9 and MD-88 aircraft.

Wi-Fi (wireless internet) is available on many domestic flights. The service is offered by Go-Go Inflight Internet, and is available while the aircraft is flying above 10,000 feet over the continental United States. Pricing varies based on the length of the flight, ranging from $4.95 for flights less than 90 minutes to $12.95 for flights over three hours. Monthly passes are also available from [Gogo]. Passengers may use any Wi-Fi enabled device, however voice calling and other VoIP services cannot be used in-flight.

Domestic First Class


International Coach


International Business Elite

International Business Elite offers lie-flat beds on some aircraft and routes.


Elite Delta members get free upgrades (on a space available basis) when flying domesticaly. Any paid fare (with the possible exception of Priceline/Hotwire or other unpublished fares) is eligible. Upgrades to First come from the V fare bucket, while upgrades to Business come from the X bucket.

If you wanted a confirmed upgrade, there are several ways to get it. (Note: you can always call Delta to check availability of upgrades, but that can be tiresome. Some commercial sites, such as (paid service), allow you to search for availability of "buckets" or "classes".

Using Miles

Domestic: Purchase a ticket that is Y, B, M, H, Q, or K class. These are the only fare classes that are upgradeable with miles. An upgrade (if available) comes out of the "G" class.

International: Purchase a ticket that is Y, B, or M class. These are the only fare classes that are upgradeable with miles. An upgrade (if available) comes out of the "Z" class.

Platinum Medallion Upgrade (PMU)

Platinum members get only four PMU upgrades. These coupons are non-transferable, but a Platinum member may use them for a traveling companion, providing they are on the same flight.

(Do they have to be on the same reservation? Can the Platinum be on an award ticket, or business class ticket?)

Domestic: Domestically, any paid published fare class is upgradeable using PMU (this possibly excludes priceline/hotwire tickets). Upgrades come from "G" class.

International: Only Y, B, or M fares are upgradeable. Upgrades come from the "Z" class.

Delta absolutely will not allow same-day international upgrades; they will let BusinessElite seats fly empty, rather than upgrade you. Many suggest you should only buy a YBH fare if you can confirm availability of the upgrade at the time of purchase.

A useful link for information on fare classes is here.

Elite Levels

Delta has four levels, which are obtained by flying 25,000 (Silver), 50,000 (Gold), or 75,000 (Platinum) miles or 125,000 (Diamond). In brief, the benefits are:

Silver: Complimentary space-available domestic upgrades. 25% mileage bonus. Check in in the Business/First line. Standby preference over non-elite members. Special customer service phone number with less waiting. Sky Club membership discount from $400 or 70,000 miles to $350/60,000 miles.

Gold: Same as above, but 100% mileage bonus, and again standby preference over silvers. First class security checkpoints. Special customer service phone number with less waiting. Sky Club membership discounted to $300/50,000 miles.

Platinum: All of above, plus one Choice Benefit, which may include 4 PMU upgrades (see above). Sky Club membership discounted to $250/40,000 miles.

Diamond: All of above, plus one Choice Benefit, which may include 6 PMU upgrades (see above). Sky Club membership included.

Fare Classes

First Class

  • F - Full fare First Class.
  • C - Domestic First Class.
  • A - Domestic coach fare that has been upgraded to first (an "UP" fare).

Business Class

  • J - Business Elite full fare, transoceanic.
  • C - Business Elite to/from Latin America.
  • D - Discounted Business Elite.
  • S - Discounted Business Elite.
  • I - Deep discount Business class.


  • Y - Full fare Coach.
  • B - Premium fare Coach.
  • M - Premium fare Coach.
  • H - Coach.
  • Q - Coach.
  • K - Coach.
  • L - Discounted Coach.
  • U - Discounted Coach.
  • T - Discounted Coach.

All domestic fares (except Hawaii) and all fares to/from Bermuda, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico (except cities serviced by BusinessElite such as Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo) are eligible for complimentary Medallion upgrades based on X and Z class availability. A companion travelling with a Medallion member is eligible for complimentary companion upgrades if booked into Y/B/M/H/Q/K on the same flight as the Medallion member. Fares eligible for upgrade using miles or PMUs include Y/B/M/H/Q/K for travel within the continental U.S., Alaska, and Canada. Fares eligible for upgrade using miles or PMUs include Y/B/M for other international travel.

Award Travel

  • R - First Class award.
  • O - Business Elite award.
  • E - Coach award.
  • N - Coach award.


  • G - First Class upgrade using miles or PMUs.
  • V - First Class upgrade using Segment upgrade.
  • Z - Business Elite upgrade using miles or PMUs.
  • X - Business Elite upgrade using Segment upgrade.

Hub Airports

  • Cincinnati (CVG)
  • New York (JFK)
  • Salt Lake City (SLC)
  • Minneapolis (MSP)
  • Detroit (DTW)
  • Memphis (MEM)
  • Tokyo Narita (NRT)
  • Paris Charles DeGaulle (CDG)
  • Amsterdam (AMS)

Luggage Policies