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Below is our growing glossary of terms used by frequent flyers and travelers alike. For airport codes, see the Airport Code Lookup tool.

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Template:Term Star Alliance, whose members include United, Lufthansa, Air Canada, and Singapore Airlines.

Template:Term Star Alliance Gold status, equated to a designated level of each Star Alliance member frequent flyer program, such as United Mileage Plus Premier Executive or ANA Mileage Club Platinum.

Template:Term OneWorld Alliance (

Template:Term 1) Star Alliance Silver status, equated to a designated level of each Star Alliance member frequent flyer program, such as Miles and More Frequent Traveller or US Airways Dividend Miles Silver Preferred. 2) SkyTeam Alliance (



Template:Term, to some of United's less-than-impressed travelers.


Template:Term United Mileage Plus Premier Executive 1K status. Awarded to members who fly 100,000 actual miles or 100 paid segments.

Template:Term United Mileage Plus Premier Executive status. Awarded to members who fly 50,000 miles or 60 segments in a single calendar year.

Template:Term The oneworld alliance, whose members include British Airways, American, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas (

Template:Term United Mileage Plus Premier status. Awarded to members who fly 25,000 actual miles or 30 paid segments.

Template:Term United Mileage Plus Premier Associate status, a gifted status.

Template:Term Designations for Boeing passenger aircraft. Commonly, the first two characters represent the model and the third character will represent the series and/or an airline's particular configuration. Thus, "763" indicates a generic Boeing 767-300; a "76G" is a 767-300 of a particular configuration of Delta Air Lines.



Template:Term American Airlines.

Template:Term 1). Aircraft. Also Heavy AC: Very large aircraft, such as the 747, 767 and 777 2). Air Canada. 3) Admirals Club, the airport lounge network of American Airlines.

Template:Term Affinity credit card.

Template:Term The accumulation of frequent traveler program miles and points through actual travel, partner bonuses and special promotions.

Template:Term The physical distance that a flight covers. When calculating actual miles, class of service, elite-level status and other bonuses are not included. To view the airmile distance between airports, visit

Template:Term Air France.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "As Far As I Know."

Template:Term Credit or charge cards in partnership with a particular airline or hotel frequent travel program. Charges to the card earn miles or points, which either accrue directly into the associated program or can be transferred into it.

Template:Term Amtrak Guest Rewards.

Template:Term 1) Air India. 2) All-Included." Usually used when quoting the price of a fare or rental rate plus all applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges. 3) All-Inclusive, a fare and vacation package whose price includes meals, accommodations, and entertainment.

Template:Term The fee paid to an airport by a car rental company for the privilege of operating its vans and buses within the airport facilities. This fee is usually passed on to the renter.

Template:Term A three-letter code assigned by the IATA used to identify an airport. Example: DEN = Denver International Airport. Sometimes, the four-letter ICAO code may be used.

Template:Term A group of airlines that allow frequent flyer program members to earn miles or points and enjoy special benefits when flying with any participating airline. The miles or points can, in turn, be used for an award ticket on any of the alliance airlines.

Template:Term Aeromexico.

Template:Term The small toiletry packs most airlines offer International Business and First Class passengers. Many FlyerTalkers collect these as souvenirs.

Template:Term Advance Purchase Excursion fares, usually the lowest available. Must be purchased in advance (usually 7-30 days) and include stay restrictions.

Template:Term A major CRS.

Template:Term Aloha Airlines.

Template:Term Alaska Airlines.

Template:Term Automated ticket/boarding pass. An electronically generated ticket which also includes the boarding pass.

Template:Term Air Traffic Control.

Template:Term An award sale through which program members use their miles to bid against each other for a one-time only award that often involves attending special events or meeting famous people.

Template:Term A federal reserve of tax monies levied on airline tickets and operations and set aside to improve the U.S. air transportation system.

Template:Term Audio/Video On Demand, in-flight entertainment which allows passengers to start, pause, etc. at any time.

Template:Term A "free" airline ticket, hotel stay or night, car rental, merchandise, traveler's check or gift certificate. Depending on the program, awards may be tickets or certificates that must be redeemed at ticket counters, hotel front desks, car rental desks or specific merchandise outlets. The latest form of award redemption is through program Web sites.

Template:Term Finnair.

Template:Term Alitalia.



Template:Term Jetblue Airways.

Template:Term British Airways.

Template:Term BAA Ltd., a company which owns and operates many airports in the United Kingdom.

Template:Term Originally referred to a specific mileage run opportunity in Thailand. Over time though, its meaning has expanded, and now some FlyerTalkers use Baht Run when referring to any exceptionally valuable and efficient mileage run opportunity.

Template:Term An upgrade at the gate.

Template:Term bmi, formerly British Midland Airways.

Template:Term BusinessElite, Delta Air Lines' international business class.

Template:Term (vs. TO/FROM) In determining routing for accrual or award travel, "between" indicates that travel may originate on either end of a route. For example, a roundtrip award that allows travel between Mexico and the U.S. means that travel can originate in either the U.S. or Mexico. Conversely, roundtrip travel to Mexico from the U.S. means that travel is restricted and must originate and terminate in the U.S.

Template:Term BusinessFirst, Continental Airlines' international business class.

Template:Term Butt in Seat, as in miles of physical distance actually flown by a passenger, as opposed to RDMs or EQMs.

Template:Term Certain days during high-traffic seasons and holidays when airline and hotel-award travel is restricted or not available. Introduced in 1989, blackout dates help protect travel dates when the airlines have the most revenue to gain. For instance, blackout dates for some international partners extend all summer long. To view a calendar of blackout dates for the major airlines, visit .

Template:Term Alaska Airlines Membership Airport Lounge.

Template:Term Authorization to board a plane; often required as proof of flight taken when claiming missing credit.

Template:Term Buy-On-Board, especially referring to food available for purchase in flight.

Template:Term Miles accrued in excess of the actual mileage, which can include special promotions, class of service and elite-level allocations of extra miles.

Template:Term Boarding pass.

Template:Term EVA Airways.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "By The Way."

Template:Term A bulkhead is a dividing wall in an airplane that separates one section from another. The bulkhead seats are those placed immediately behind this divider. Bulkhead seats generally provide added legroom, but they also tend to offer less storage capacity, as there is no seat in front under which carryon luggage can be stowed.

Template:Term 1) On full flights, the practice of removing a confirmed passenger to make room for a passenger with higher priority. 2) In FlyerTalk lingo, the practice of making an empty or superfluous post to cause a thread to appear in a list of recent posts.

Template:Term To redeem miles.

Template:Term When a traveler pays corporate rates for a car rental, and thereby accrues a different amount of miles than for a leisure rate.

Template:Term BWIA West Indies Airways, reorganized in 2007 into Caribbean Airlines.



Template:Term Business class cabin, or a business class fare code. Also J.

Template:Term Air China, not to be confused with China Airlines.

Template:Term The process airlines, hotels and car rental agencies use to allocate awards depending on actual vs. anticipated demand. Capacity controls are intended to control the economics of frequent flyer programs.

Template:Term Credit Card or Charge Card.

Template:Term An award voucher, which a member must present to the redeeming company, such as a car rental company or hotel, or must exchange for an airline ticket.

Template:Term A way to “fast-track” to elite status on an airline, in which the passenger must fly a certain number of miles at certain fares in a certain timeframe. Compare at Status match.

Template:Term United channel that allows passengers to listen in on air traffic control messages.

Template:Term To confirm intent to board a previously booked flight by showing a ticket to an airline representative either at the ticket counter, curbside baggage check-in or departure gate.

Template:Term United board term for the UA "EZ Check-in" airport kiosk. Sometimes "Mr. Chicken."

Template:Term China Airlines, not to be confused with Air China.

Template:Term Usually refers to airline travel; indicates the level of travel, size of seat and surrounding area, cabin position and amenities offered. Generally first class (F), business class (C or J) and economy/tourist class or coach (Y).

Template:Term Additional bonus miles many airlines credit to your account when flying in paid Business or First Class.

Template:Term Connection.

Template:Term Continental Airlines.

Template:Term See #Affinity card.

Template:Term When one airline provides connecting service under another carrier's name. Both airlines' codes appear in reservation systems and on tickets. Codeshare flights often accrue mileage.

Template:Term See Pooling.

Template:Term Any company engaged in the transport of people or goods for profit.

Template:Term A free or discounted ticket for another person flying with a traveler who has purchased a ticket.

Template:Term An oral or written acknowledgment of a booking, subject to certain conditions.

Template:Term An upgrade to a higher class of service which is guaranteed prior to travel, or an instrument which provides such an upgrade.

Template:Term Generally found in the SPAM forum, a Conga Line is a thread in which members help each other by lending their referrals for a select promotion. Most promotions that offer a bonus for referring a friend will have a corresponding Conga Line thread on FlyerTalk.

Template:Term Changing to a different airplane en route to the final destination. Actual mileage, connection bonuses and segment promotion credits are earned only if the connecting flight number is different from the originating flight number.

Template:Term A service provided by a variety of travel- and financial-related Internet companies whereby miles and points accrued in several programs are listed in one account statement, such as the MileageManager service.

Template:Term Continental United States.

Template:Term Class Of Service.

Template:Term Two airports which an airline considers equivalent for fare construction. For example, if FLL and MIA are co-terminals, FLL-ORD-FLL, MIA-ORD-MIA, FLL-ORD-MIA, and MIA-ORD-FLL would all be legal routings for the fare. Note that co-terminals are only relevant for fare construction. Different rules apply for itinerary construction; for example, it may not be permitted to stand by for an ORD-MIA flight if one is booked ORD-FLL. See also Multi-airport city.

Template:Term 1) Companion Pass on Southwest Airlines. 2) Chairman's Preferred in US Airways' Dividend Miles program.

Template:Term United's confirmable North American upgrade certificates, good for travel within the 49 United States, the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico. This upgrade is not valid on flights to/from Hawaii, except when member is a resident of Hawaii. You may use Confirmed Systemwide Upgrades anywhere United flies.

Template:Term Crown Room Club, the airport lounge program for Delta Air Lines.

Template:Term : A Computerized Reservation System. It is any of several proprietary computer systems allowing real-time access to airline fares, schedules, and seating availability and offering the capability of booking reservations and generating tickets.

Template:Term Customer Service. Add an "A" or an "R" and you've got Customer Service Agent or Customer Service Representative.

Template:Term City Ticket Office. Airline ticket offices located off-aurport and directly sponsored by the airline itself, as opposed to a travel agency.

Template:Term 1) Cathay Pacific Airways. 2) Flight Cancelled.

Template:Term China Southern Airlines.



Template:Term Denied Boarding Compensation, a voucher or coupon provided to passengers who voluntarily give up their seats on an overbooked flight.

Template:Term Small Bols filled Delft pottery row houses offered by KLM to International business passengers since 1952. There are 83 in the set. KLM has an active trading mart for these on their website.

Template:Term This is a tricky one. The term "direct flight" can actually be applied to any routing that maintains the same flight number throughout the entire course of the routing, even if the routing contains enroute stops or requires a change of airplane. Strange but true.

Template:Term Virgin Blue.

Template:Term Delta Air Lines.

Template:Term 1) US Airways Dividend Miles. 2) Departure Management.

Template:Term. Used by airlines at gate to determine and allocate upgrades and standbys.

Template:Term Also Doo. A widely used term for larger FlyerTalker get togethers/parties in the Community Buzz Forum. In general the term is reserved for larger gatherings of 12 of more members.

Template:Term Department of Transportation, especially US DOT or one of the US state DOTs.

Template:Term When a partner hotel stay or flight accrues miles or points into a member's accounts with both partners.

Template:Term A coupon valid for one free (or prepaid) alcoholic beverage on that airline's flight. In the case of United Airlines, the coupon may be valid in a Red Carpet Club airport lounge instead of during a flight.

Template:Term Do You Know Who I Am? The call of the Self-Important Business Traveler.



Template:Term United's "Economy Plus."

Template:Term The remainder of the United Economy section after E+ rows :-).

Template:Term A specialty discount fare offered exclusively through the Internet; often it does not accrue miles and/or is ineligible for bonuses. To view a consolidated list of these types of fares from the major airlines, visit .

Template:Term A "paperless" ticket which is processed electronically. No physical "coupon" is required for a boarding pass.

Template:Term Amtrak's Empire Builder, connecting Chicago to the US Pacific Northwest.

Template:Term British Airways Executive Club.

Template:Term (, a pay service that provides access to many airlines’ flight and seating availability.

Template:Term Aer Lingus.

Template:Term Emirates Airlines.

Template:Term (EGR) "Paperless" upgrades transacted solely through computers.

Template:Term Additional benefits for members attaining thresholds of accrued miles or points. Elite-level membership usually allows travelers to accrue miles or points faster, provides special perks and grants special airplane seating or hotel accommodations.

Template:Term Miles earned in addition to actual mileage as a benefit of being an elite-level member.

Template:Term Upgrade to higher class of service available through membership in an elite level of a program.

Template:Term Ironic term used by some flyers for First and Business class cabins.

Template:Term Electromagnetic Radiation. Some people suspect EMR is harmful at high altitudes; a controversial subject

Template:Term A term used in a derisory fashion by FlyerTalkers for benefits REMOVED by an airline, dressed up in a PR spin as an "enhancement" to the program.

Template:Term A specific amount of miles awarded upon first becoming a member of a program.

Template:Term Elite Qualifying Miles - Many programs allow members to earn miles from a variety of activities, but generally, only miles earned through designated activities count toward the achievement of elite status. See also "Q Miles" and "Status Miles".

Template:Term Elite Qualifying Segments - Segments which accrue to elite level status in a program.

Template:Term Estimated Time of Arrival

Template:Term Continental and Northwest's Elite Upgrade Automation, which automatically upgrades elites to first class if seats are available.

Template:Term Electronic upgrades.

Template:Term The name AA used to call its one-way, systemwide upgrades prior to January 2009.

Template:Term Executive Platinum on American AAdvantage.

Template:Term Service offered by many programs for an additional cost; expedited awards allow members to accelerate processing and delivery of award tickets or certificates. Often the requested award is delivered within 24 hours.



Template:Term First class cabin, or a first class fare code.

Template:Term First Officer, a.k.a. Co-Pilot

Template:Term Frontier Airlines.

Template:Term Flight Attendant

Template:Term Federal Aviation Administration.

Template:Term Determines how many miles or points are earned based on the fare paid. For example, to accumulate mileage on some airlines, you must pay a published full-fare rate; some programs do not award miles for highly discounted fares. Some hotels require that you pay corporate rates or higher to accrue points. The fare basis is often represented by a single-letter code such as "Y" for full-fare coach.

Template:Term Federal Aviation Regulation, frequently cited by FAs

Template:Term Fly By Wire as compared to FBL, Fly By Light (fiber optic), or good old hydraulic flight controls

Template:TermFront, Even; Back, Odd. Refers to how meal orders are SUPPOSED to be taken in premium classes on American Airlines. On even numbered flights, the FA(s) should start at the front of the cabin, and on odd numbered flights, at the back.

Template:Term Frequent Flyer. Also VFF, a Very Frequent Flyer.

Template:Term Icelandair.

Template:Term AirTran Airways.

Template:Term FLight InFOrmation, especially as output by a GDS.

Template:Term A dreaded disease considered contagious by members of frequent flyer programs who choose to redeem their miles and benefits for upgrades rather than free awards. The disease is FOC -- Fear of Coach.

Template:Term Ryanair.

Template:Term Frequent-traveler program members who earn most of their miles or points from credit card purchases or partner services as opposed to flying.

Template:Term Abbreviation for FlyerTalk.

Template:Term Abbreviation for FlyerTalkers -- all of the members who participate in the FlyerTalk forums.

Template:Term When a hotel program awards miles based on the amount spent for all hotel charges, including room service, gift shop purchases and like expenses.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "For What It's Worth."



Template:Term Gate Agent.

Template:Term A major CRS.

Template:Term Domestic airports that are origination points for foreign destinations.

Template:Term a term coined on the GLBT forum for a GLBT led DO. They are open to all, just started by the GLBT folks.

Template:Term Global Distribution System, another term for CRS.

Template:Term Gatwick Express rail service from Gatwick Airport to Victoria Station in London.

Template:Term An award valid for a six-night free stay in any Hilton HHonors family hotel [except Category 6 hotels, which require a GLONP(2).]

Template:Term An award valid for a six-night free stay at a Category 6 Hilton HHonors family hotel.

Template:Term 1) Gold Medallion in Delta's SkyMiles program. 2) General Member of a program, without elite status.

Template:Term 1) Gold Passport, the Hyatt frequent stay program. 2) Gold Preferred in the US Airways Dividend Miles program. 3) Goldpoints, the Radisson frequent stay program.



Template:Term Hawaiian Air Lines

Template:Term The automated/computer voice of United's Reservations line. Name inspired by the Movie 2001.

Template:Term Heathrow Express rail service between Heathrow Airport and Paddington Station in London.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "Ha Ha Only Kidding"

Template:Term former name for United's CR-1 confirmable North American upgrade certificates.

Template:Term Widely used term by CO fliers. These are the 3 coach fare codes that allow upgrades.

Template:Term America West Airlines

Template:Term Central airport where planes converge to transfer passengers; usually controlled by one or two airlines.

Template:Term A specialized class of service through which first-class service is provided for business-class fares.



Template:Term Internet slang for "I Am Not A Lawyer."

Template:Term Iberia Airlines.

Template:Term Inter-Continental Hotels.

Template:Term Involuntarily Denied Boarding, a situation where an airline is unable to accommodate all ticketed passengers on a departing flight because it is overbooked and too few accept VDB compensation. IDB compensation is higher than VDB.

Template:Term International Driving Permit, required in some countries to rent and/or operate a car.

Template:Term International First Class.

Template:Term In-Flight Entertainment, generally referring to audio and video for passengers.

Template:Term International First Class Lounge.

Template:Term 1. In-Flight Services. 2. International Flagship Service, three-class international flights on American Airlines. 3. In-Flight Supervisor, a supervising flight attendant on some airlines.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "If I Recall Correctly"

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "Its just another internet Bulletin Board".

Template:Term Instrument Landing System, used for landing in bad weather.

Template:Term 1. Inventory Management, the department at an airline which determines how many and what kind of tickets to make available on a flight, and how much they will cost. 2. Instant Message.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "In My Opinion." Sometimes expanded to IMHO— "In My Humble Opinion"— or IMNSHO— "In My (Not So) Humble Opinion."

Template:Term The restriction which hotels and car rental agencies apply when awarding miles. For example, to accumulate Mexicana Frecuenta mileage for a stay at a Camino Real hotel, you must show your Mexicana boarding pass as proof of a flight within a certain time period (usually 24 hours) of the stay.

Template:Term Miles purchased from an airline program by a company to be given to employees or customers as rewards.

Template:Term A pre-applied for approved pass allowing expedited passage via US Customs and Immigration arrival lines.

Template:Term An Air Canada Aeroplan benefit in which Air Canada will pull a seat from the revenue inventory and request yield management convert it so a member can have an award ticket.

Template:Term 1. Internet-only fare. 2. Immigration Officer.

Template:Term Internet slang for "In Other Words."

Template:Term IRregular OPerationS, when weather or other conditions that cause widespread disruption to normal operations at an airport. Sometims IRROPS.

Template:Term ITA Software, producer of the QPX airfare software that underlies Orbitz and

Template:Term Internet Travel Network. An online resource for booking travel.

Template:Term Air India Express.

Template:Term Yemenia - Yemen Airways.

Template:Term In Your Humble Opinion.

Template:Term Arkia Israeli Airlines.



Template:Term Business class cabin, or a business class fare. Also C.

Template:Term 1. Informally, jetblue, better known by its IATA code, B6. 2. Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 3. Helijet.

Template:Term Midway Airlines.

Template:Term 1. Spanair. 2. Internet slang for "just kidding."

Template:Term Japan Airlines

Template:Term Air Jamaica

Template:Term Japan Air Lines Mileage Bank program.

Template:Term 1. Japan Rail. 2. Aero California. 3. J&R Electronics.

Template:Term Air Koryo, the North Korean state airline.



Template:Term Dragonair.

Template:Term 1. King David, the top Frequent Traveller Level of El Al's mileage program, and the name of its lounge network. 2. Köln-Düsseldorfer, an operator of Rhine River cruises in Germany. 3. Kuwaiti Dinars. 4. KD Avia, an airline with its main hub at Kaliningrad.

Template:Term Korean Air.

Template:Term KrisFlyer, the mileage program of Singapore Airlines.

Template:Term 1. For the Air Canada Aeroplan benefit, see Instant KK. 2. Krispy Kreme. 3. Kota Kinabalu.

Template:Term KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines.

Template:Term Kenya Airways.

Template:Term Knots.

Template:Term Kuwait Airlines.

Template:Term Kona Village.

Template:Term KVS Availability Tool - A downloadable tool, which provides access to real-time Flight Availability, Award/Upgrade Availability, Fares, Seat Maps, and more.

Template:Term Cayman Airways.



Template:Term Lan-Chile

Template:Term In 2000, this Latin American airline alliance gained notoriety when it sponsored one of the most lucrative promotions to date. The promotion gave members the opportunity to earn one million miles for a minimal amount of partner usage. FlyerTalkers recognized the value of the promotion immediately, and before long, LatinPass was overwhelmed by the number of participants, most of whom were FlyerTalkers or had heard of the promotion from FlyerTalkers. To this day, LatinPass is synonymous with irresistable, yet error-plagued promotions.

Template:Term 1) Low-Cost Carrier, an airline business model emphasizing simplicity to keep operational expenses low. 2) The stock symbol for US Airways Group.

Template:Term Long-Distance. Commonly used to refer to Amtrak's non-NEC, non-California services.

Template:Term Pilot a.k.a. Captain.

Template:Term When a traveler pays non-corporate rates for a car rental, and thereby earns a different amount of miles than a corporate rate would earn.

Template:Term Lufthansa.

Template:Term When two members of a program earn miles into the same account or can transfer miles between their two separate accounts; usually involves an affinity card.

Template:Term Lot Polish Airlines.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "Laugh(ing) Out Loud."

Template:Term Lan Peru.

Template:Term Less Room Throughout Coach. Refers to American AAdvantage adding seats back to Coach after removing 'rows' of seats and heralding the extra room with the MRTC (More Room Throughout Coach) marketing campaign.

Template:Term A person who reads the FlyerTalk forums, but who does not post messages.

Template:Term 1) Swiss International Air Lines, the successor to Swissair. 2) Leg Cancelled.

Template:Term El Al Israel Airlines



Template:Term Malev-Hungarian Airlines

Template:Term Airline employee, often a middle-aged woman, who polices access to business and first class lounges.

Template:Term 1. Miscellaneous Charge Orders, paper issued by the airline for a ticket refund, etc. 2. The airport code for Orlando, Florida.

Template:Term 1. A registered user of FlyerTalk. 2. Any member of a mileage/points program. 3. A membership level at FlyerTalk, listed under the FlyerTalk's username, signifying that the member has made more than 30 but fewer than 250 posts in the forums.

Template:Term Special privileges granted by airlines and hotels to members of frequent travel programs. For example, hotels may offer discounted rates or free nights to program members for a limited time.

Template:Term Refers to the actual aircraft (thus metal) of the airline you are flying. (i.e., Delta metal, American metal, etc...) as opposed to the name or code assigned to the flight.

Template:Term Malaysia Airlines

Template:Term Mile High Club

Template:Term Mexican Hat Dance, a type of mileage run between Canada and Mexico

Template:Term Also Mileage Maniac. A frequent flyer who obsessively accumulates miles and points, and often does not redeem many awards.

Template:Term The capability to purchase a certain percentage of miles needed to redeem a specific award.

Template:Term A series of flights taken in a very short amount of time, solely for the purpose of accumulating frequent flyer miles, with a blatant disregard for the destinations.

Template:Term Minimum number of miles earned by a program member, regardless of the length of the flight; frequently 500 miles.

Template:Term Maple Leaf Lounge, Air Canada's network of Elite and VIP airport lounges.

Template:Term Million-Miler, a frequent traveler who has accumulated at least one million miles in a program. The calculation depends on the program; AAdvantage, for example, includes miles deposited from all sources, whereas Mileage Plus only counts miles flown on United metal. Multiples of one million are usually represented by the multiplier, e.g. 2MM for a two million-mile flyer, 3MM for three million, and so forth.

Template:Term Maximum Permitted Mileage. Many tickets especially RTW have a maximum number of miles permitted under the fare.

Template:Term Medallion Qualifying Miles in Delta's SkyMiles program.

Template:Term Mileage Run.

Template:Term American Airlines' "More Room Throughout Coach," in which economy class seat pitch was increased on all mainline aircraft by removing several rows of seats. AA announced the program's discontinuation in November 2004.

Template:Term 1. Egyptair. 2. Microsoft.

Template:Term China Eastern Airlines.

Template:Term A city (or more commonly, a metropolitan area) where multiple airports are considered to be the same point for fare construction and routing, and possibly other aspects. The city may be represented by a code, although all codes are not universal. For example, WAS almost always includes DCA and IAD, but may or may not include BWI; while QLA and QSF for Los Angeles and San Francisco area airports are only recognized in Sabre. See also Co-terminal

Template:Term 1. Mexicana de Aviacion. 2. Mechanical, especially a delay or cancellation caused by aircraft mechanical problems.



Template:Term National Airlines.

Template:Term Northeast Corridor, Amtrak's main line connecting Boston, New York City, and Washington, and extending south to Norfolk. Sometimes applied to refer to the urban Northeastern United States in general.

Template:Term Short for "New FlyerTalk." Often spelled as nFT, New FlyerTalk is a reference to the current version of FlyerTalk, which represents a significant upgrade from the original version.

Template:Term Next Generation Business Class, American Airlines' current "slanted lie-flat" international business class seats.

Template:Term All Nippon Airways.

Template:Term A flight that does not stop en route. A nonstop flight is always direct, but a direct flight is not always nonstop.

Template:Term Non-revenue space available. Used to describe much unpaid staff travel.

Template:Term Northwest Airlines.

Template:Term Air New Zealand.



Template:Term Origination & Destination, as opposed to Connection.

Template:Term Travel at a particular time of year when airlines predict a lower demand for seats. This usually excludes the time surrounding major holidays. Airlines designate specific "peak" and "off-peak" dates, and many do not allow award travel during peak times.

Template:Term CSA - Czech Airlines.

Template:Term OnLine Check-In, the ability to check in for a flight over the Internet and print your own boarding pass.

Template:Term Referring either to the OMNI Forum, located within FlyerTalk Travel, or in general anything not related to miles, points, travel, dining or airports.

Template:Term Usually associated with airline- and car-rental upgrades, allowing one level of service upgrade. For example, a one-class airline upgrade is from coach to business class; contrast this with a first-class upgrade, which jumps several classes of service from coach to first.

Template:Term (O/W) An itinerary which does not include a return flight to the point of origination.

Template:Term Miles earned through Internet transactions, whether by purchasing tickets or items or logging activity on a specific Web site.

Template:Term Original Poster.

Template:Term Short for operational upgrade. This is a type of upgrade that is awarded when coach is overbooked and they bump some passengers up to first class if there are any seats open. The pecking order starts with top elite members, etc.

Template:Term A roundtrip ticket that has three or more points of departure/arrival. For example, a routing from Chicago arriving in New York, which returns to Chicago from Boston. Open jaws are often allowed when flying on an award ticket and are often counted as a stopover.

Template:Term Austrian Airlines.

Template:Term FlyerTalk slang for an off-topic post or thread.

Template:Term 1) One-way. 2) The oneworld alliance, whose members include America, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and LAN (

Template:Term 1) Asiana Airlines. 2) Nickname for Australia.



Template:Term Certificates or vouchers that can physically be given to a check-in agent to claim an upgrade.

Template:Term Two programs joining together to allow members to accrue miles or points in one or both programs. Also may allow members to use accumulated miles or points to redeem awards with the partner. Partners may be accrual partners only, award partners only or both. EQMs may or may not be awarded for partner flights, depending on the relationship.

Template:Term Short for passenger(s). See also SLF.

Template:Term Positive bag matching. Aircraft will not leave unless passenger checking bag is on board.

Template:Term Presidents Club, Continental's network of Elite and VIP airport lounges.

Template:Term Pre-departure beverage, a drink service traditionally offered to premium class passengers while still on the ground.

Template:Term When a hotel program awards miles for each night's accommodation.

Template:Term When a hotel program awards miles once per visit, whether or not the visit comprises more than one night.

Template:Term Personal Identification Number. Required by many frequent traveler programs to identify members and ensure that miles or points are properly credited.

Template:Term Pakistan International Airlines.


Template:Term Platinum Medallion Upgrade, a type of SWU offered by Delta.

Template:Term Passenger Name Record. Used to record reservation and passenger information.

Template:Term A limit on the amount of points that can be earned through a specific method, such as an affinity card or a special bonus offer.

Template:Term 1) Members: When two members combine miles or points from different accounts to redeem an award. Usually not allowed, but sometimes is permissible for family members or spouses. 2) Programs: When a member of two separate programs combines miles or points from both programs to claim an award with either program.

Template:Term Highest elite status on Singapore Airlines.

Template:Term Preferred Qualifying Miles in US Airways' Dividend Miles program.

Template:Term Philippine Airlines

Template:Term When a program requires a member to notify the program of the member's intent to earn a bonus prior to accrual. For example, if a bonus is offered for flying a specific route, the member must notify the program that the member is flying that itinerary to earn the bonus. If the program is not notified previous to the flight, it will not award the bonus. Often involves a promotion code. For a list of these types of promotions, visit

Template:Term Numbers or letters that must be cited when booking to obtain a special bonus or rate.

Template:Term United Airlines' premium service, offered on all flights to and from JFK and LAX or SFO.

Template:Term Prepaid Ticket Advice.

Template:Term The official set of fares that an airline advertises for a certain flight; often, miles will only be accrued on published rates.

Template:Term David Phillips, a.k.a. "The Pudding Guy," was the first member of FlyerTalk to gain national recognition when he purchased over 12,000 packages of Healthy Choice pudding at .25 cents a pop to earn over a million frequent flyer miles. Now it seems everyone is looking for the next "Pudding Guy" deal.

Template:Term An upgrade to a higher class of service that can be obtained by currency.

Template:Term A senior flight attendant. Depending on the airline, it may be an FA who has undergone special training, or may designate the head of the cabin crew, called the Chief Flight Attendant or Cabin Manager on other carriers, or may not be used. Traditionally, a purser was a ship's officer responsible for the handling of money on board.



Template:Term Qualifying miles that count toward reaching elite status with an airline, i.e. NOT inclusive of any elite or class of service bonus which often are not counted toward elite level. See also "EQM" and "Status Miles".

Template:Term Qantas Airways, the Australian national airline. The original name was "Queensland And Northern Territories Aerial Service".

Template:Term Qantas Airways

Template:Term A domestic Q (economy) fare which tickets into first class. May also be known as K-UPs, Y-UPs, etc. depending on the fare.



Template:Term The actual worth of a hotel room, which a company will then offer variations upon, such as corporate, extended stay, tourist and discount rates.

Template:Term Regency Club, a.k.a. Hyatt club lounge.

Template:Term Red Carpet Club, United's network of airport lounges.

Template:Term Redeemable Miles, i.e. total miles accumulated in a program that can be redeemed for an award.

Template:Term When a partnership allows members from both programs to earn miles, redeem miles or do both on the partner airline.

Template:Term Miles or points awarded to new members who may have flown or stayed previous to enrollment in a program. Requires proof of flight (boarding pass) or proof of stay (hotel receipt). Whether it is permitted and for what time period varies by program.

Template:Term Varig.

Template:Term Co-Pilot/First Officer.

Template:Term Regional Jet, especially the Canadair CRJ-200 series.

Template:Term Tarom-Romanian Air Transport.

Template:Term Run of the House (ROH). Room type to be determined upon your arrival.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off."

Template:Term Delta's Revenue Protection Unit.

Template:Term Round Trip.

Template:Term Round the World ticket package.



Template:Term S7 Airlines, a Russian carrier.

Template:Term South African Airways

Template:Term A major CRS.

Template:Term Same-Day Change (or Same-Day Confirmed standby). A program on certain airlines which allows you to confirm a seat on a different departing flight on the same day of your original flight for a nominal charge.

Template:Term The distance measured between a seat back and the seat back in front of it. Actually, it can be measured from any point on a seat to the SAME point on the next row of seats.

Template:Term A section or "leg" of a continuous itinerary.

Template:Term Elite status in the Amtrak Guest Rewards program.

Template:Term Senator-level elite status in the Miles & More program.

Template:Term Place where members of frequent travel programs can call for award travel, redemption, accrual and current promotions.

Template:Term When two separate members earn miles into a single account; usually involves an affinity card.

Template:Term SAS - Scandinavian Airlines System

Template:Term Silver Kris Lounge, the airport lounge network of Singapore Airlines.

Template:Term Flight crew lingo for Passengers: Self Loading Freight

Template:Term Brussels Airlines, and previouslu SN Brussels Airlines and Sabena.

Template:Term Usually associated with upgrades. Members of frequent traveler programs can upgrade to first or business class on airlines and upgrade to rooms with special amenities at hotels when the seat or room is not already filled by revenue-paying occupants.

Template:Term Starwood Preferred Guest

Template:Term Singapore Airlines

Template:Term Swissair, since reorganized into Swiss (LX).

Template:Term Selected for Secondary Security Screening.

Template:Term The SkyTeam Alliance, whose members include Air France, Continental, Delta, and Korean Air.

Template:Term A passenger waiting for a seat on a full flight who is prepared to travel if space becomes available at the last moment.

Template:Term Available at check-in if space is available in a higher class of service. Usually, passengers check in no more than two hours in advance for standby upgrades.

Template:Term See Elite level.

Template:Term A “fast track” to a elite status in which an airline will award status in its program based on a member’s status in another program, usually because the member is switching. Status matches are once-in-a-lifetime affairs and airlines may match only to a lower level (e.g. someone in the highest tier of the old airline may only be matched to the middle tier of the new one). Some airlines do not match status, or do so only in conjunction with a Challenge.

Template:Term Miles that count toward reaching Elite status with any airline, i.e. NOT inclusive of any elite or class of service bonus which often are not counted toward Elite level. See also "Q Miles" and "EQM".

Template:Term An intentional interruption of a flight along a direct route. Stopovers are allowed sometimes when flying on an award ticket. Length of stopover varies by airline.

Template:Term Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Template:Term Special system-wide upgrades given to United Airlines 1K members in 2003.

Template:Term Accronym for System Wide Upgrade. An upgrade award that can be used on any segment in an airline's route system. Many of the major airlines offer SWUs as a benefit to their elite-level members.

Template:Term Sun Country Airlines



Template:Term Take off.

Template:Term Travel Agent.

Template:Term Trans-Atlantic.

Template:Term 1. TalkBoard, an elected "User Advisory Council" consisting of members of the community whose purpose is to provide input regarding FlyerTalk feature requests, action requests that fall outside the scope of already established policies and procedures, and general user issues as may be directed to them by the FlyerTalk member population and the FlyerTalk host. 2. TrueBlue, points program of jetblue. 3. Los Angeles International Airport's Tom Bradley International Terminal. 4. Tuberculosis. 5. Terabytes.

Template:Term Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport.

Template:Term Travel Club, the mileage program of Swiss International Airways prior to its acquisition by Lufthansa.

Template:Term Also T&Cs. Terms and conditions; the "fine print" especially of a promotion.

Template:Term Thai Airways.

Template:Term An incentive offered to members of a program's elite level. Additional miles or points are awarded to members who reach a specific membership level or "threshold."

Template:Term See Elite level.

Template:Term Short for tickets.

Template:Term Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Template:Term Turkish Airlines.

Template:Term TAP - Air Portugal.

Template:Term Trans-Pacific.

Template:Term Texas Pacific Group, a private equity firm active in aviation.

Template:Term American Trans Air



Template:Term EasyJet.

Template:Term United Airlines

Template:Term Upper Deck on aircraft which have one, like the 744.

Template:Term Upgrade.

Template:Term Unaccompanied Minor. A child traveling alone. Special arrangements can be made with most airlines to have the child escorted to the plane and met at the destination(s). If a connection is involved, an agent will meet the UM at the gate and escort him/her to a special room with supervision.

Template:Term Transferring to a higher class of service or accommodation, such as from coach to first. Upgrades may be one-class upgrades (see ONE-CLASS) or jump several classes of service.

Template:Term US Airways.

Template:Term The 48 contiguous United States, i.e. the U.S. including D.C. but excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and island territories.

Template:Term United Express.



Template:Term V-Australia Airlines, a trans-Pacific service of Virgin Blue.

Template:Term Voluntary denied boarding. More commonly known as a "bump". Most airlines offer $$$ travel credits or "VDB vouchers" in such instances.

Template:Term Very Frequent Flyer.

Template:Term VIA Rail Canada, service operating intercity passenger trains in Canada.

Template:Term Visual Flight Rules (good weather).

Template:Term One-way complimentary systemwide upgrade certificate on American Airlines. Executive Platinum members receive eight such certificates each year that they attain/retain this highest level of elite status with American. Formerly known as VIP2s.

Template:Term Virgin Atlantic Airways

Template:Term Virgin America.



Template:Term A list of passengers requesting seats on full flights that might become available as a result of cancellation. Airline programs' elite-level members are often offered priority waitlisting.

Template:Term World Headquarters. Used a lot on the United board.

Template:Term Southwest Airlines

Template:Term A major CRS.

Template:Term Northwest Airlines’ WorldPerks frequent flyer program.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "With Regards To"

Template:Term Wall Street Journal, or ANY broadsheet news paper (difficult to read when your knees are up around your nose!)

Template:Term This stands for "Who We All Are." Over the years, several threads have been started with this title in the FlyerTalk Community forum that allow members to provide a brief bio and get to know one another.

Template:Term This stands for "What Would Punki Do?" Punki is a long standing member of FlyerTalk and is known for her logical, concerned and rational approach to the occasional member conflicts we have on FlyerTalk. To her honor, some members, when presented with an interesting challenge on FlyerTalk, will pause and ask themselves, What Would Punki Do?

Template:Term Short for weather, as in weather-related delays or cancellations.



Template:Term 1. Expedia 2. Microsoft Windows XP 3. American Airlines Executive Platinum (more commonly EXP or EXPLAT)


Template:Term Full fare unrestricted coach class. Often used as a generic term to differentiate Coach from Business or First in award charts etc. "Y/C/F" headings.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning "You’ve got mail"

Template:Term You've Got Private Mail.

Template:Term The process whereby airlines allocate seats at different prices depending on actual vs. anticipated demand. Yield management also pertains to the process of allocating frequent flyer award seats.

Template:Term FlyerTalk lingo meaning Your Mileage May Vary.

Template:Term Mesa Airlines.

Template:Term Midwest Airlines, formerly Midwest Express