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Fare Codes

American Airlines fare codes are used by American Airlines to identify the features of the various fares offered.

Deciphering a Fare Code

  • First letter: booking class (except for UP fares - YUP books into A and KUP books into P). See Inventory Classes and Mileage Eligibility (AA).
  • First number (other than 26): domestic: advance purchase requirement. If it is 0, same day ticketing is allowed, but waitlisting is not.
  • Second number: minimum stay requirement
  • Third number: maximum stay requirement
  • A: one-way
  • R: round-trip
  • AP: advance purchase
  • BIZ/BZN: instant purchase non-refundable fares for business travelers--no Saturday night stay requirement, 30-day maximum stay
  • FS: flight-specific
  • J/JFK: JFK only
  • N/NR: non-refundable
  • Z: restricted, which may mean confirmation required (possibly refundable though)
  • AA: Web-only fare
  • UP: instant upgrade into different booking class
  • GB: originate in GB, following number is year of fare applicability
  • US: originate in US
  • E: minimum stay requirement (Saturday unless overridden by second number)
  • M: Saturday stay requirement (second number becomes maximum stay)
  • C: next number is change fee
  • Second position:
    • P: peak season
    • H: high season
    • K: shoulder season
    • L: low season
    • M: other seasonal restriction
  • Third position:
    • W: Sun 12:01a-Mon 11:59a, Thu noon-Sat 11:59a
    • X: not on Fri or Sun
    • B: weekend (Thu/Fri-Mon, no Sun with X)
    • S: midweek (Tue-Thu or Tue-Wed, also Mon with X)
    • F: specific times (e.g. daily 8:45a-9:45a)
    • O: specific times and dates (e.g. Tue/Wed 8:45a-9:45a)
  • LV: Applies to any flight except to/from/via DFW and applies to any flight to/from/via DAL.
  • A: advance ticketing required
  • R: reservation confirmation required
  • D: ??? (appears on shorter flights, and some long flights)
  • Last position:
    • S: fuel surcharge
    • G: restricted day of first travel
    • X: restricted day of first travel

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