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This Wiki is about flying on, Hawaiian Airlines (both inter-island and Continental-U.S. flights), go! Airlines (Inter-island flights), and Island Air (Inter-island flights).

Should you have any questions not covered within this Wiki, please feel free to post your question on the Hawai`i-based Airlines forum. Pos Software

Routes Serviced by Hawaiian, go! and Island Air

All inter-island carriers serve the four major Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Airlines also serves destinations on the West Coast and South Pacific. Hawaiian also has service to Sydney, Australia. When making reservations, Hawaiian Airlines will allow you to hold a reservation via phone or internet for 24 hours. Please keep this in mind when making reservations.

The following is a link to each carrier’s route maps:

Hawaiian Air Route Map<br> Island Air Route Map<br> go! Route Map

Flying Inter-island Between Two Points Within Hawai`i

Inter-island Service on All Airlines

Inter-island flights are almost identical except for a few difference (besides partner affiliations). First off, the aircraft used by both carriers differ. Hawaiian operates 717-200s (seatmap), which have replaced Hawaiian's aging DC-9 fleet. Island Air offers service with Dash-8 turboprop aircraft. (seatmap). Go! flies CRJ-200 series aircraft (seatmap).

Hawaiian still has 8 First Class seats per plane. A complete guide to upgrading your inter-island flight can be found below. Hawaiian's seating is 2-3, meaning two seats on the left hand side (facing front)of the plane and three on the right. Hawaiian now has assigned seating for both First and Coach class. Generally, the best seats on aircraft are the exit row seating. Go! offers open seating, with the emergency exit rows having a few more extra inches of legroom, but overall on the CRJ, the aisle seats tend to be the best. Though they may be narrower, there are no middle seats on Go!

Hawaiian boards their flights giving priority to their elite members and then to parents with young children, the elderly and anyone else who may need extra time down the jetway, and First Class passengers. This priority boarding begins on the right hand side of the gate. General boarding takes place on the left. As soon as the aircraft arrives at the gate from its departure city, people tend to line up at the boarding gate, so get there early to get a good seat. More information regarding which side is best to sit on in the plane can be found on the Guide to Flying to Hawai‘i/Connecting in HNL/Layovers at HNL.

In-flight, the service is pretty much the same across the board with the exception of Hawaiian's First Class and Go!. In Coach, you should expect: a drink service consisting of coffee, juice and water in the morning (and afternoons on Hawaiian and Island Air). Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. You may also receive an in-flight tour given via a recorded voice or flight attendant, but that has become rarer over the years. Go! offers only buy-on-board - Pepsi products are available for $1.50 each, beer is $2.50, and wine. Buy On Board is available on all flights. Please see the following links for more information: Hawaiian Airlines in-flight services<br> Island Air in-flight services

For more information regarding connecting in Honolulu onto one of these inter-island flight, please see the Guide to Flying to Hawai‘i.

Choosing between Inter-island carriers for travel

Please see this thread for more information:

Now that the inter-island market has expanded, you have a lot of choices. Many on this forum will recommend Hawaiian Airlines, given their newer planes. However, you may want to choose by price or convenience. For example, Island Air’s route system allows the flexibility of flying between Kahului and Kauai. Island Air’s Dash-8 planes also fly at a lower altitude, allowing for better scenery. You may also choose based on frequent flyer partner affiliation. For example, you can earn Alaska, American, Continental and Northwest miles flying Hawaiian, Continental, Hawaiian or United Airlines miles flying Island Air. As of July 2006, go! does not have any partner affiliations. Also, be aware that go! operates CRJ-200 aircraft, which can be rather uncomfortable (same cabin as Island Air Dash 8s), but allows for faster boarding and deplaning. go! uses former Independence Air CRJs with nice, plush leather seats (compared to other CRJs). go! uses jetways at Kahalui, (OGG) Hilo, (ITO) and occasionally Lihue(LIH).

The Commuter terminal is relatively quiet, allowing for shorter check-in lines and nearly non-existent security lines, but if you are taking a car rental shuttle to the Commuter Terminal, allow extra time as the shuttles must go to the Inter-Island and Overseas Terminal before the Commuter Terminal.

But, given the short duration of all flights between the Islands, you may simply want to choose on price, which brings us to the next section.

Finding the Best Fare for Inter-island Flights

New competition has arrived (in the form of go! operated by Mesa Airlines) to bring down prices since June 2006. You can now find fares as low as $39+ o/w. Here are some tips when searching for inter-island prices:

  • If you have "orphan" miles lying around, consider using them. Northwest, Continental and American offer 10,000 mile rewards (roundtrip) on Hawaiian Airlines. United offers a 10,000 mile reward (roundtrip) on Hawaiian and Island Air (both available as one-way awards for half the mileage, too). Hilton offers a 40,000 point reward, though you can go much further with your HHonors points than booking an inter-island ticket.
  • Join the HawaiianMiles Programs which gives a small discount to members when purchasing a Hawaiian Airlines ticket online.
  • Avoid Priceline, as it’s not worth the effort. You won’t be saving much and the inability to know when you’ll be flying is quite burdensome.
  • Also consider using your Starpoints as you link building services can transfer those to various frequent flyer programs that offer Hawaiian Air awards. Think twice about this one, though, as 5,000 Starpoints can be worth a great amount of money with *point hotels.
  • Check the airlines' websites for fare specials. For example, go! is currently offering a fare sale that has sparked a fare war. All inter-island carriers have matched.

Alternative Choices to Interisland Travel

Alternative inter-island flight choices include, Pacific Wings, George's Aviation and Mokulele Flight Service. Only Pacific Wings operates out of Honolulu from the commuter terminal located adjacent to the inter-island terminal. The Wiki-Wiki shuttle can take you there. Alternative inter-island flights are usually offered on turbo-prop planes and fly at lower altitudes. Depending on how you hold your stomach, this may be a good or bad thing.

Domestic flights on Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian services the larger West Coast cities. Hawaiian operates purchased/leased 767-300 series aircraft. SeatGuru can give you more information regarding the best seats on this aircraft. Seating is in 2-3-2 confirguation and 2-2-2 configuration in First Class with only three rows of it. It also operates flights to and from LAX, and seasonally from LAS, on two Airbus A330-200 aircraft in a 2-4-2 configuration.

Hawaiian's menu can be found here: Hawaiian's First Class food is catered by Chef Beverly Gannon who owns the Hali‘imaile General Store on the island of Maui.

Hawaiian does charge a $5 fee for using the entertainment system (along with headsets that may be purchased for $5 and allows use of the entertainment system). However, note for Hawaiian does offer the digEplayer, which allows you to select a variety of movies. At last check, these players were free to passengers seated in First class and available for $15 to those in Coach, but are limited in supply and often run out. They are rented starting at the back, moving to the front. Hawaiian also sells a variety of snacks for $2.50-$5 (Twix, Gummy LifeSavers, Trail Mix, Skittles, Dove Chocolate covered Almonds). Hawaiian is now a cashless Airline on Trans-Pacific flights and only accepts debit and credit cards. A330's are equipped with AVOD at the same pricing as the DigEplayer.

Pictures of Hawaiian Airlines coach meals may be found here. Both links will direct you to, where hopefully one day more Flyertalkers will be able to submit photos.

Hawaiian offers space-available, day-of-departure upgrades to First Class to its elite members (Hawaiian also offers them to regular flyers as well) for a fee ranging from $150-$250. Mileage upgrades are also permitted.

Upgrades on Hawaiian Airlines

Upgrading Between Hawai`i and the Mainland

Hawai`i-Continental US flights operated by Hawaiian are also upgradeable for $250 at the gate (or $400 for two upgrades) or $600 in advance. Hawaiian upgrades can again be purchased online thru online check-in if offered.

Note: In high season or for certain flights, the upgrade fee on Hawaiian may be as high as $365 each way for non-status folks.

For upgrades on Hawaiian Airlines, if you wait to ask at physical check-in, there is a high probability there will be no seats. You need to do online check-in exactly 24 hours in advance. More than once I've been able to snag an upgraded seat this way and it was the last seat or so.

If you're not offered an upgrade though at 24 hours out, cancel online check in and try again later. It occasionally happens that someone will decide to change their flights and thus upgrade available seats again open up. This also has happened to me.

Upgrading Inter-island Flights on Hawaiian Airlines

Inter-island upgrades are usually offered at the gate of your flight for roughly $50. Hawaiian also has this offer periodically come up thru online check-in. Hat tip to cblaisd for this info.

Note that go! and Island Air do not have first class cabins for inter-island travel.

Upgrading from Honolulu to/from Sydney on Hawaiian Airlines

Please see this thread:

Lounge Access/Lounge Locations/Connecting in Honolulu

Lounge Access and Locations

Access to Hawaiian Airlines lounges are only available to Hawaiian Pualani and Premier Club Members. Unless you are an elite that qualifies for lounge access OR are traveling on a first class ticket on Hawaiian, you will not be able to access this lounge (meaning: DL/CO/AA/UA elites do not receive lounge access). There are no other lounges (i.e., major airline lounges) at any of the neighbor island airports. Please search the forum for more information.

Honolulu International Airport (HNL): Hawaiian Premier Club - Third Level, Interisland Terminal

Kahului Airport (OGG): Hawaiian Premier Club - Across Gate 17

Līhu‘e Airport (LIH): Hawaiian Air Premier Club - Departure Concourse Opposite Gate 5

Kona International Airport (KOA): Hawaiian Air Premier Club - Hawaiian Air Terminal

Hilo Airport (ITO): Hawaiian Air: Premier Club/Pualani Plus - Located in the passenger departure lounge on the first floor in the northwest corner

Los Angeles (LAX): Hawaiian Air: Terminal 2, Mezzanine level

Pago Pago (PPG): Hawaiian Air: In airport transit, boarding area

Connecting in Honolulu

For more information regarding Connecting in Honolulu, including a list of all major airline lounge locations at the Honolulu International Airport, please see this thread:

Elite Membership on Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has a two tier elite system called Pualani Plat/Gold and a purchaseable Premier Club which offers limited amentities, but most importantly lounge access. Premier Club can be purchased for $150 or 20,000 miles. It takes 30 segments or 20,000 miles or 50 segments and 40,000 miles for Pualani Gold and Platinum levels respectively.

Premier Club offers:

  • Exclusive Reservations Line
  • First Class/Premier Check-in
  • Expedited Security Line only in Honolulu
  • Lounge Access
  • Priority Boarding

Pualani Gold Members receive:

  • All Premier Club Amenities
  • Special luggage tag
  • 50% bonus miles on all revenue flights
  • Three pieces of luggage on all flights
  • Automatic Interisland Upgrade Program (Upgrades Pualani members to First Class 24 hours prior to departure if available, you must have a reservation earlier than 24 hours in advance of flight time to be considered for an upgrade.)
  • More Seats Available for Awards

Pualani Platinum Members receive:

  • Guaranteed Interisland coach seat up to 72 hours prior to departure when purchasing a revenue E-ticket.
  • 100% bonus miles on all revenue flights
  • All of the above amenities

More information regarding the Hawaiian Airlines elite programs can be found here:

Airline Partner Affiliations

Island Air

has Frequent Flyer partnerships with

  • Continental Airlines
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • United Airlines

More information here:

Hawaiian Airlines

has Frequent Flyer partnerships with several competing airlines:

  • American Airlines (earn AA, non EQM; codeshare agreements; redeem American miles for Hawaiian Flights).
  • Continental Airlines (earn CO, EQM miles; codeshare agreements; redeem Continental's OP miles for Hawaiian Flights).
  • Delta Airlines (earn DL, EQM miles; codeshare agreements; redeem DL miles for Hawaiian Flights).
  • Island Air

Airline Contact Information

Island Air

Reservations: 808-484-2222

Hawaiian Airlines

Reservations: (800) 367-5320 HawaiianMiles Service Desk: (877) HA-MILES (426-4537) Customer Service: (888) 246-8526


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