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Air New Zealand is New Zealand's national flag carrier and member of the Star Alliance based at Auckland International Airport.

This General Wiki on Air New Zealand is incomplete and heading's have been added for members to help where able

Special Offers and Promotions


Travelling with Air New Zealand

Shorthaul Product

Longhaul Product

Air New Zealand is progressively introducing New Longhaul across its fleet of 747 and 777 aircraft - These aircraft are being totally refurbished and will have new cabins with AVOD (Audio and Visual On Demand) entertainment systems.


Pacific Classes

Pacific Economy is Air New Zealand's

Pacific Premium Class

Air New Zealand's new Premium Economy Class....

Business Classes

Business Premier is Air New Zealands new Business Class sleeper seat bed. It is a 22" wide leather armchair which converts to a full flat 6'7.5" bed. The Business Premier seat is licenced from Virgin Atlantic Airways and the installation is costing Air New Zealand more than twice the cost of other flat Business Class seats on the market.

On other aircraft (767, unrefubished 747) Air New Zealand offer their older Business Class product...

On 747 aircraft which have yet to be refurbished, the formely First Class cabin is filled with elite members from the Business Class cabin who can enjoy the 80" seat pitch and Business Class service.

Of late there have been many complaints about the reduction in the size of Business Class meals.


Air New Zealand operate their own International lounges at AKL, WLG, BNE, CHC, LAX, MEL, NAN, RAR and SYD. At other locations generally another lounge has been contracted for the use of eligible customers.

The LAX International Lounge has been extended and upgraded so please disregard any comments which may be found online refering to it as horrible. It is now over twice the size of the former lounge but can still get quite full at times.

Currently plan's for a new vastly expanded International Lounge at CHC are being drawn up.

Air New Zealand also operate Koru lounges at AKL, CHC, DUD and WLG domestic terminals and Regional lounges at HLZ, NPL, NPR, PMR, NSN, ZQN and IVC.


Air New Zealand is very strict on luggage allowances.

Checked Baggage

For all flights, except on tickets which pass through the USA, Canada or Tahiti baggage allowances are as follows

  • Economy Classes (Pacific Economy, Pacific Premium, Express) 20kg (44lb)
  • Business Class 30kg (66lb)
  • Infants not occupying a seat 10kg (22lb) with maximum total dimensions of 115cm (45”) plus either an infant's car seat or a collapsible umbrella stroller.
  • Star Alliance Gold members 20kg (44lb) over these standard weights

For all flights on a ticket which pass through the USA, Canada or Tahiti

  • Economy and Premium Economy - 1 piece, up to 23kg (50 lbs)in weight
  • Business Class - 2 pieces, each up to 32kg (70 lbs)
  • Star Alliance Gold – 1 additional piece
  • Infants are permitted one piece of baggage plus either an infant's car seat or a collapsible umbrella stroller

For all flights, no piece of luggaging weighing in excess of 32kg (70 lbs) can be accepted for carriage. Bags are also expected to have total dimensions (length + width + height) no greater than 158cm (61").

The checked baggage of holders of Star Alliance Gold status, Koru Club membership or passengers travelling in Business Class is tagged with Priority tags which occasionally expedite checked luggage delivery.

Cabin Baggage

  • Economy Classes (Pacific Economy, Pacific Premium, Express) may take one piece of cabin baggage with and maximum total dimensions (length + width + height) of 115cm (45") on jet services or 105cm (41") on Air New Zealand Link service
  • Business Class and Star Alliance Gold customers are permitted two pieces with the same conditions as above, except on flights to/from/through the United States where security regulations permit only 1 piece of cabin baggage.

Booking Classes

Including information of which buckets credit as what with which partner program

Business Class
C Full Fare Revenue Bucket
D Revenue Bucket
Z Revenue Bucket for highly discounted Business tickets. Also the fare bucket used to confirm Airpoints Confirmed Upgrades
I Star Alliance Award Travel bucket
R Agency Discount, Gold Airpoints Business Premier Award Bucket
J Discounted Business Class

Pacific Premium Economy Class

Economy Classes
Y Full Fare Revenue Bucket



X Star Alliance Award Travel Bucket
N Agency discount travel bucket



General Reservations Phone
Australia (Toll Free) 13 24 76
Canada (Toll Free) 800 663 5494
Continental Europe +44 208 600 7600
Hong Kong +852 286 28 988
Japan (Toll Free) 0 120 300 747
New Zealand (Toll Free) 0800 737 000
Singapore +65 6535 8266
UK (Toll Free) 0800 028 4149
USA 1800 262 1234
Online Reservations Help in Australia 1800 00 55 63

For Priority reservations contacts please refer to your Membership materials.

Airpoints Service Centre
Private Bag 4755
Christchurch, New Zealand
General Member Telephone (New Zealand) 0800 247 764

GPO Box 485
Sydney NSW 2001
General Member Telephone (Australia) 1800 803 298

USA 1800 262 1234

Otherwise call your local Reservations line on +64 (0)3 374 7205

Customer Support
Air New Zealand Customer Support
Private Bag 92007
Auckland 1020
New Zealand Email:

Tel: +64 (0)9 255 8758
Fax: +64 (0)9 256 3531
Hours: 8:30am - 5pm (NZ time), Monday to Friday

1960 E. Grand Ave., Suite 300
El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: 1-800-223-9494
Fax: 1-800-272-9494

Koru Club
Private Bag 3747
Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand Freephone: 0800 736 000
Service Centre Telephone: +64 (0)3 353 4911
Service Centre Fax: +64 (0)3 353 4921


  • Domestic Lounge +64 (0)9 256 3808
  • International Lounge +64 (0)9 256 3802
  • Domestic Valet Parking +64 (0)9 256 3780
  • International Valet Parking +64 (0)9 256 3949


  • Domestic Lounge +64 (0)4 388 0583
  • International Lounge +64 (0)4 388 0588
  • Valet Parking +64 (0)4 380 8481


  • Domestic Lounge +64 (0)3 374 7170
  • International Lounge +64 (0)3 374 7174
  • Valet Parking +64 (0)3 358 7487

Dunedin Lounge +64 (0)3 488 5810

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