Canadair CRJ-700 (UA)

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Aircraft Information

Put some info text about the CR7, perhaps reproducing stats from the following: CR7 stats


Available on SeatExpert in two configurations - Version 1 and Version 2. shows only the 2.5-class configuration; it is unclear whether the other configs are still used on UX flights.

Seating Recommendations

Adapted from FlyerTalk:

First Class

First Class is two rows of 1+2 seating. The lefthand side is A and the two righthand seats are D(Aisle) and F(Window). Beware the EasyCheckin Seatmap. It shows 1/2AD as a pair and 1/2F as the single (like Business Class on the 777s, which MEC's seatmap shows as 2+2+2+1 or something odd like that as I recall).

Seat width is given as 19", same as the 767-300 Domestic First Class seat or the 767-200/767-300 Business Class seat. The paired seats have a wide armrest, but not as wide as that found on the domestic First seat. Probably an inch less or so, and no sculpted little "tray" for drinks.

Pitch is officially given as 37" and this looks to be about right for Row 2. Row 1 has about 40" or so. It's not quite as generous as Row 1 in the "reconfiged" A319/A320 or the two-class 777, but still roomy enough to stretch out.

The seat design is different from the domestic United First seat. Better back and leg support (the cushions wrap around the front a bit). It is covered in blue leather (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) and the recline is probably about 45° or so - less then the domestic First seat. However, the "natural" recline (when the seat is in the full "up" position) is more then the domestic First seat. The headrest may be moveable, but it is flat with the seatback. The headrest does not have wings.

There are overhead bins along the right side of the First Class cabin. The size of these 2 F-class bins varies by the aircraft operator. The Mesa version have standard CL-65 bins, so anything bigger then a laptop bag/briefcase/purse will need to be gate checked. The other version has a slightly deeper overhead bin. While it won't hold a full roll-aboard suitcase, it will take a medium-sized item of luggage. Seat layout appears to be identical for both the Mesa and non-Mesa versions of this aircraft.

The overhead lighting and climate-control modules are really nicely done, and are also found on new CL-65s. Each module has two lights and two vents, so if sitting in 1A or 2A, you have plenty of light and air.

Economy Plus (rows 3-9)


Economy (rows 10-17/18*)

The seats are 2+2 and are covered in blue leather (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). Seat design is similar to the ex-SHT 737s, but better then what one finds on the CL-65. Seat width is given as 17.2". Pitch is given as 31". It looks tight, but not "CRJ Tight". More like regular Economy on a 757-200. Shorter people can cross their legs. The front cushion wraps down a bit, so it probably provides a little more support and comfort then the CL-65 seats.

Windows are indeed "mainline jet height", though about a third smaller in area. The cabin is right at 6' 2" and the width / style is pure CL-65. Galley is exactly the same as that found on the CL-65, so it's drinks and snack mix, only.