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Does anyone knows what AVIH stand for? especially the 'V'

International Connection at IAD Dulles

We are flying UAL from Dubai to Toronto via IAD and the connection time is about 2 hours. I am getting a bit concerned the connecting time may be tight in view of the feedback I am getting about IAD. Obviously we shall be landing/taking off at concourse C. Somewhere else in this website I read

"Arriving UA passengers from overseas who are connecting at IAD normally undergo US Immigration and US Customs inspections at a special facility in the basement of Concourse C. Exceptionally, passengers flying to/from Canada undergo US Immigration and US Customs at the airport in Canada, and do not undergo those procedures at IAD" this in fact got me even more confused. We are neither US or Canadian citizen and we are only there on a short holiday. proper visas are all stamped.

any help?

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