Household Accounts (BA)

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Household accounts (HHAs, or family accounts) are a way of pooling miles for redemptions and also permit under 18’s to join the EC and earn miles.

Setting up a Household account

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: If you set up a Household Account then you will NOT be able to redeem miles for someone outside the HA, unlike standard account holders.

Each member of the HHA must have the same address. Setting up the HHA can be done online from your account, although in some regions a form may need to be faxed to BA.

Once it is set-up, you will have two mileage balances when you log into the website, a personal one, and a household one. The household one is the mileage balance of all the members combined. The household balance is only used when redeeming miles.

Mileage is the only thing that is shared; status is NOT shared i.e. if one member is Silver and the other is Blue, the Blue member travelling alone will not have lounge access, Club check-in etc.

As you normally have to be 18 or over to join the EC, the HHA is a good way to let kids join. There is no age restriction when joining a family account.

The maximum number of members in a HHA is seven (one primary member, and six others).

You can only make one change to a HHA (which means adding and removing members, changes to your address) every six months.

Spending Miles from a household account

There’s a specific formula that calculates how miles are removed from each members account when a redemption is booked. This happens automatically, it is not possible to book a reward solely using one HHA member's miles.

Where a is the first member, b is the second member, c is the third and so on; and x is the number of miles being redeemed:

Miles deducted from a = (a/(a+b+c+...)) * x
Miles deducted from b = (b/(a+b+c+...)) * x

As an example;

If there are two people in the HHA, and I have 20,000 and my partner has 40,000 (for a total of 60K), they would deduct twice as many miles from his account as mine. e.g. for a 10,000 mile award, they'd take 6,667 from his and 3,333 from mine.

Members of the HHA who are under 18 cannot redeem miles for tickets.