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Frontier (Republic) Active Fleet

This is a list of all the current Republic Aircraft flying as Midwest Airlines/Frontier Airlines.


Paint Scheme:   </TR> </TR>
House Paint or Blue Tail, White Body Midwest Paint
Frontier PaintFrontier Paint(On delivery)

Embraer E190

N161HL N162HL N163HQ N164HQ N165HQ N166HQ N167HQ N168HQ N169HQ
N170HQ N171HQ N172HQ N173HQ N174HQ N175HQ N176HQ N177HQ  

Embraer E170

N806MD N813MA  

Embraer E145

N266SK N267SK N268SK N269SK
N270SK N283SK N290SK N292SK  

Embraer E135

N12530 N836RP  

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