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Welcome to the Japan Airlines Wiki.

Japan Airlines is the largest airline in Asia and the largest operator of Boeing 747 aircraft in the world. JAL Corporation, the airline holding company, owns (over 50%) and operates Japan Airlines (International and Domestic — JL) and several affiliates:

  • Hokkaido Air System
  • JAL Express (JC)
  • JALways (JO)
  • J-Air (XM)
  • Japan Air Commuter (3X)
  • Japan Asia Airways (EG)
  • Japan Transocean Air (NU)
  • Ryukyu Air Commuter (NU)

These affiliates should be transparent to passengers: all operate under the JAL "umbrella" holding company with common branding, comparable service levels, etc. They exist only to facilitate different corporate ownership arrangements, such as joint ownership with local governments.

Japan Airlines joins the oneworld alliance on April 1, 2007. Most JAL affiliates will participate in oneworld — see Affiliates (OW).

For more information on Japan Airlines and its frequent flyer program, JAL Mileage Bank, please visit the Unofficial Guide to Japan Airlines and JAL Mileage Bank (JMB).


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