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Automated Service 800/252-5642
Fax 808/484-3200


Service Center
P.O. Box 30028
Honolulu, HI 96820

Choosing Between Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines

Inter-island flights are almost identical except for a few difference (besides partner affiliations). First off, the aircraft used by both carriers differ. Aloha strictly operates 737-200/737-200QCs, which are aircraft about 30 years old. Hawaiian strictly operates 717-200s, which replaced Hawaiian's aging DC-9 fleet two years ago. Secondly, Aloha no longer offers a First Class product on domestic flights. Hawaiian has yet to decide on whether to remove First Class seating from their inter-island flights, but until then, they remain with a total of 8 First Class seats per plane. Aloha's seating is 3-3 and Hawaiian's seating is 2-3, meaning two seats on the left hand side (facing front) of the plane and three on the right. ALL inter-island flights are OPEN seating, meaning seat assignments are not given and is a free for all. Generally, the best seats on both aircrafts are the exit row seating.

Both Aloha and Hawaiian board their flights giving priority to their elite members and then to parents with young children, the elderly and anyone else who may need extra time down the jetway. This priority boarding begins on the right hand side of the gate. General boarding takes place on the left. As soon as the aircraft arrives at the gate from its departure city, people tend to line up at the boarding gate, so get there early to get a good seat. More information regarding which side is best to sit on in the plane can be found on the Guide to Flying to Hawai‘i/Connecting in HNL/Layovers at HNL.

In-flight, the service is pretty much the same with the exception of Hawaiian's First Class. In Coach, you should expect a drink service consisting of coffee, juice and water in the morning (and afternoon on Hawaiian) and only on Aloha, Coke and Diet Coke in the afternoon. You may also receive an in-flight tour given via a recorded voice or flight attendent, but that too has gotten rarer over the years.

For more information regarding connecting in Honolulu onto one of these inter-island flight, please see the Guide to Flying to Hawai‘i/Connecting in HNL/Layovers at HNL.

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